How Online Sabong Is Changing The Face Of Cockfighting


For years, cockfighting was a blood sport that was enjoyed by spectators in rural areas. The birds were raised and cared for by their owners, and then they would be put into a ring to fight each other until one was dead or severely injured. While some people still enjoy this activity, there has been a shift in recent years to online sabong, a form of cockfighting done via the internet. Here is a closer look at how online sabong sites like s888 is changing the face of cockfighting.

1) There is no need for a physical location.

In the past, cockfights were held in rural areas or small towns. The birds would be brought to the location by their owners, then placed in a ring to fight. With online sabong, there is no need for a physical location. The fights can take place anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

2) There is no need to transport the birds.

Another benefit of online sabong is that there is no need to transport the birds back and forth to the fights. In the past, this was a big issue since the birds would often be injured during transport or would not arrive at the destination alive. With online sabong, birds can stay home and fight from their backyard. This helps ensure they are healthy and ready to fight when they enter the ring.

3) It is easier to organize fights.

Organizing cockfights used to be a time-consuming and difficult process. First, you had to find a location that was willing to host the event. Then, you had to transport all of the birds safely and on time to that location. With online sabong, all you need is an internet connection, and you can hold these fights anywhere in the world without having to worry about finding a suitable location or transporting the birds safely.


Online sabong is changing the face of cockfighting by making it more accessible and convenient for everyone involved. This shift has profoundly impacted the sport and will continue to do so in the years to come.