Dragon Tiger Casino Online; All About Games

Dragon Tiger Casino has gained popularity as it’s a two-card version of the famous baccarat game. It became many people’s favourite game to play while gambling online, that too in a very short period, marking its success amongst many.

Game Objective

If not mentioned, the game is very easy to play. All you have to do is guess if the tiger or the dragon will have a higher value card. If guessed correctly, you win. You can also bet and choose if both tiger and dragon will have the same value. It is called a tie bet and a suited tie bet.

Game Pay-outs

When you’re playing Dragon Tiger casino online, you are there for two reasons. One, for enjoyment and two, for gaining a profit. Hence you must know the pay-out of the said game.

  • Dragon Bet has a pay-out of 1:1.
  • Tiger bet also has a pay-out of 1:1.
  • Tie bet has a pay-out of 11:1
  • While a suited tie bet has a pay-out of 50:1.

It is so believed that on a rough calculation, an optimal return to the player while betting on dragon or tie can bet can be as high as 96%, while for tie bets, it could be 89%, and suited tie could be 86%.

You won’t win every time, and that’s fine. However, even though this is luck based game, experience and knowledge do matter a lot. With practice and experience, one will be able to make better decisions.