How to play a slot machine (what coin size, how long, and when)

How long do you play slots before a long break?

Every gambler or slot player has to decide on the coin size, how long to play and when to take a break. The number of coins, their value, and the duration of playing will affect the return rate for each casino game (slot machine). The casino or 메이저사이트 usually gives you nice hints through a pay table of your actual ROI with different coin denominations.

You don’t need this information at all, though, as we’ll be using math instead. If the pay-out percentages are known, they will tell us how much money we can realistically expect from a certain number of bets (coins played).

Individual perseverance

If you can last several hours straight without needing toilet breaks, you should play lower denomination coins. The larger the cash (or the more you play), the quicker your bankroll will be eaten up by gambling expenses (slots pay-out 99.9% or higher). If you can only last 15 minutes, then spending at most $1 on a machine is best not to spend an entire day playing with just one dollar.

It makes sense to take breaks after winning because it’s easier to stay cold-minded about quitting when losing, but if you leave after each win, don’t be surprised if your return rate is negative. Then, we can figure out how many bets we need for breaking even instead of calculating returns and losses per session.

A break would consist of returning half your money to keep playing. You will have to bet double your bankroll if you lose any amount of money. A loss can be just having the machine eat up all your cash before hitting the jackpot or going bust (you’ll run out of coins first).